Monday, 8 March 2010

Film Review: Up

I was warned that the first 10mins of Up would have me in tears. And, being a trusting fellow, I prepared myself for it. I may have joked to my girlfriend about it before we watched Up. I had to pause the film at several points as she ran to the toilet, crying her eyes out. I admit, even with the forewarning, I too struggled to cope with the emotional torrent that Up exuded.

-1 man point from the off.

Up is now an Oscar winning film, and so it should be. I may be a fan of Horror, SF, Fantasy and Thrillers, (+ 1 man point), where if the body count is poor in the first 20 mins I’m annoyed (+ 1 man point, surely), but this little Disney/Pixar flick gripped me right from the start. (Okay, - 1 man point). Pete Docter and Bob Peterson are remarkable storytellers and film makers. I’ve never been affected so much by the start of a film since The Fellowship of the Ring. They captured something about life in those first minutes, and throughout the story.

And, It just gets better. Up is full of great characters, and the humour is spot on too. Talking dogs, chocolate loving birds, grumpy old men, balloons… this film has it all. The writing is great, the direction is superb, and, well, it may be one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Top 10 is a def.

I know I’ve not gone into any kind of depth with my summary and review of Up, but this is the reaction I feel and had. (- 1 man point). You have to see this film.

See this film. Now.

5 out of 5 balloons.

Man points: -1.

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