Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Film Review: Paranormal Activity

When I was young I had a fascination about ghosts. This hasn’t really gone away (but the hunting of them has, which friends and family are pretty glad of…), and I do love a good horror. This isn’t a horror as such. This was way too close to the bone.

The normality of the characters and their fears and reactions were real and almost as unsettling as the ‘scary bits’. It’s like watching your two friends on film – I was bought into it after the first ten minutes as if my mates had said ‘here, watch this homemade film – its good! Honest.’

Then, something horrible happens. And it happens again. And it happens again. Then it happens again. The similar scene we are shown – the video recording of our protagonists bedroom at night – again and again, with chilling consequences and images is powerful, evil and set up with a clever eye. I felt I was in that room, or worse, that what happened in that room could happen to me while I slept.

This is a horror film. It starts slowly, with the mundane, and then it builds and builds. Every time I saw that bedroom I became edgy, scared and worried. It was an addiction by the end of the film – what will happen next? How will it end?

I wholeheartedly apologise to my lovely girlfriend who was reduced to fearful sobbing due to this masterful film, for making her watch it. Yes, we did leave the light on that night, and I’m glad she was there. I’ve never been so scared since I was part of an Ouija board when I was a kid. I’ll tell you about it one day.

A must see for all horror fans.

5 out of 5 tear-drenched, fear-gripped girlfriends.

Think I’ll leave the light on again tonight…

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