Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Thousand Sons, by Graham NcNeill - A Review

Right from the start this novel feels that its all about character. The first few chapters do not wholly delve into the heresy, but concentrate fully on the people that will populate this important part of the heresy puzzle. I like the fact that Mr McNeill takes his time to tell the story, which sets up brutal, plot gripping action scenes where you actually care about what happens to these Space Marines - even though you may know the history behind the novel, and the Chapter.

Magnus the Red. I thought little of how he impacted the story of the heresy until now. I have a newfound respect for each of these heretics becuase of the way Mr McNeill creates these potent individuals on paper, bringing the heresy more to life that ever.

One of the strongest points to this novel is the writing. Fast when it needs to be, chilled when it doesn't. Well constructed scenes, great imagery and brilliant descriptions throughout. All of it leads to the howling war at the end, which is captivating, exciting and worth the wait. The comsumate SF novel for the Horus Heresy (yes, even better than Horus Rising and Fulgrim!).

5 out of 5 stars!

Roll on Mr Abnett and the Wolves!

Oh, and when you finish the book, go back and read the prologue again. Trust me.

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