Saturday, 24 April 2010

Clash of the Titans Review

I’m one of those people who ‘remember the original’ when it comes to the Clash of the Titans. I think this was one of those films that drove me to SF and Fantasy. But I remember being slightly disappointed by it when I was young – something was missing. I was mesmerised too, don’t get me wrong, but I think I wanted more from the film, even when I was five.

My girlfriend liked it. She hasn’t seen the first one, nor had any preconceptions. This may be key to liking this film: not having any preconceptions. Everyone who enjoyed it that I’ve talked too seemed to go with a blank slate, not having built up the expectations. Like me.

Man Vs the Gods. That’s a proper tagline. Bring it God, do your worst and I’ll still beat you. Very modern in its premise I feel. Religion is in descent while humans’ living their ‘one-life’ to the extreme is on the rise. Popular western society is shunning religion, and this modern film mimics how we feel in the 21st Century.

But there’s something missing. Sam Worthington is great in this, so it’s not him. Liam Neeson is good too. There’s just a thin story that doesn’t use the other characters to full affect. You don’t ‘feel’ for them when they die because of this, resulting in a lack of impact. I didn’t see the reason for most of them being there.

Also, while I’m ranting, I thought the set up of the plot was poor – merely a vehicle for the CGI later on. The first 15/20 mins felt rushed. No character development (apart from Sam Worthington's Perseus however). More depth here would have created an outstanding film.

Now, the effects are good and it was a fun popcorn film. The kraken was brilliant, as was the Pegasus. I just think someone along the way missed a trick with the plot and story.

Enjoyable, but as my GF said: not going to buy it on DVD even if it was fun. I think I built it up too much as I saw the original when I was young. I’ve heard that watching it a second or third time makes it better. I’ll leave that to you.

2 out of 5 Gods of War.

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