Saturday, 24 April 2010

Nagash The Unbroken review

The Time of Legends: Nagash the Unbroken Review in all Games Workshop stores now!

Bit late on this news, as ever, but if you pop into your local GW store you may find this swift review of the newest Time of Legends novel on a self talker in the Black Library section. I’m well chuffed, of course. More soon, I hope!

‘The Time of Legends series came into its own with Nagash the Sorcerer, bringing alive one of the most infamous and powerful characters of the Warhammer world. Lee created a gripping, twisting tale driven by heroic battles, lust for power, great characters and an epic plot to rival any fantasy fiction. The trilogy continues from where it left off, delving into the rich, tragic and battle-strewn history of Warhammer. This novel sees Nagash take Cripple Peak as his new lair and set about building an alliance with the Skaven. Nagash the Unbroken is a fast-paced read, full of raging battles, dark deeds, and high magic. The dead will arise once more!’

Check out for more details!

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