Saturday, 24 April 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Yes, I know it’s been out for a while now, but I only bought my Xbox a month ago and have a decade or so of catching up to do… Anyway, this is my first review of a computer game – not played many! I’m more of a Warhammer 40k SF fan rather than Star Wars, even though the original trilogy is amongst my favourite films, but this game hooked me from the start. It was kinda fun being Darth Vader for the first ‘training’ level – though now that I know how the controls work I want to go back and have some fun with the powers – and the story was really strong. What a great idea to have a hidden Vader apprentice, and actually play as him!

The story is the strong point to this I feel. It is very ‘star wars’ in its making, with the classic tragic past mixed with love and fateful future. The game play is enjoyable too (come on, getting to use a lightsaber and Force powers is proper fun!), especially when you get the hang of the Force.

Some of the levels can get tedious, but overall it takes you deeper into the Sith side of Star Wars, and is a great coming-of-age story.

Later this year the sequel The Force Unleashed 2 is out – in the trailer Starkiller has TWO lightsabers… oh yes!

Check it out:

Four out of Five Sabers of light, indeed.

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