Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Breaking the Block, idea one...

Just before I started to write this blog post I was sitting in a pub in a train station looking at a blank screen on my iPad and worrying about writers block (I use the term 'writer' here on the blog fairly loosely, considering my lack of being published and my general use of the English language). Now, minutes later, I've found that the raw stuff of stories surrounds me, and so was born this little blog post!

I'm in a busy pub inside Euston Station and every seat is filled. In my annoyance at the God of writing for not dropping a great idea into my head for me to start writing, I looked around. Scores of people were chatting, eating and drinking around me. And with a little observation (and the relaxing of my so-called blocked mind) I found that each of them held the potential to tell a story, or help me find ideas to write.

There was the woman in the corner holding a glass of red white in one hand and a book in the other (Game of Thrones, just like half of the other commuters in London right now); there was a suit-wearing man staring into the middle distance, a pint of beer lying untouched before him; there was a group of young woman talking excitedly with one another, dressed up for a big night out; there was a drunk guy walking around trying to engage people in conversation (yes, he did try to befriend me), with the bar staff looking at him wearily, and there was an old man on his own in the other corner with several empty whiskey glasses on his table.

Even from that description on a small amount of people at the bar you realise that there's a plethora of stories there. With a little observation, and relaxing the mind, we can find opportunities to find stories all around us. We should never worry about a lack of inspiration - spend a little time to look away from the blank page and take in your surroundings. Or even go for a coffee (or to the pub...) and see what happens, and what ideas you can find.

Just don't drink too much if you do go for a cheeky beer, doubt you'll get much writing done after too many pints!

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