Friday, 20 April 2012

A Random Ramble a.k.a My Motivation

Please note: most of this was written in 2009 and became a kind of motivation to move on with my life during a time of change. It also kick-started my writing again in a big way after years of blank pages. I've edited it, and hope it shows that some positive thought can help you get things done, particularly about writing and life, and starting on the that story of finding your dreams, whatever they may be. Oh, it's a bit of ramble, even after the edit, so don't read it if you hate that kind of thing...

Just a thought...

by Allan Maxwell on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 at 02:18.

I listened to a speech today from a world class orator who happens to be a very well known world leader. Let's forget about who it is, because that's not important here. What is important is the impact the speech had at this moment in my life. I started to think about where my life's story was going, and what I really wanted from it.

I want to be something more than what I am at present, something better I guess. I’m wondering about my life and thinking about what I have done. Short answer is: not much. No completed stories sent to publishers for years, no promotion for years, no love for years. It's a growing list. I look at how little I’ve affected history, at how little I've expressed my thoughts because of some form of shyness. Yes, I’ve lived a little, especially with my young life (what a story that is), however, it turns out lots of that shit still hinders me to this day. But should this dictate what I can do and what I am now and in the future?

I know, at a personal level, that in my life I’ve set up some local clubs, done stuff for charity (at a small level), and helped my local community unite where I’ve worked – but what does that mean really? Is that enough?

Well, no.

I think it’s time for me to look at what I want to achieve in life.

Time to decide what I will become.

What will I leave behind?

Indeed, what will the rest of my life be? What meaning will it have? How will I affect my fellow man? What ripples am I creating across the country, or the world?

We are in a time of unease, yes. We are in a time of doubt, I agree. Does that mean I should hide within that bubble, or could I push it ever-so-slightly, and carve out a life filled with some of my own dreams and have a positive affect on others?

Think about this: opportunity is part of humanity, yes? So what opportunities does each of us have? Even within that bubble of society. More that you think, I’m guessing.

So, under the supposed gloom and darkness of modern life, could the spark of thought, belief and change be seen and heard and change your life?

Yes. Yes it can.

Take the opportunity to do some good, for others or yourself, or do something meaningful that you've wanted to do for years.

Take small steps. Look at the positive angle - even when it hurts, no, ESPECIALLY when it hurts - and see what happens. Take the new job, or swallow some pride and get bloody good at the job your doing now. Start telling your story, your way.

Want to have your own book or short story out there being read by others? Write it. Finish the first draft, no matter what. Then work hard making it epic, and send it out there. Read some books to motivate you, take a course, do whatever it takes and see what you can do.

Because it's there, just in reach, that opportunity, that dream. You just have to take that chance, do the work, and make it happen.

So make it happen.

It's now 2012. Three years after I set that little mission statement to try and motivate myself. Taking that leap of faith and working towards the positive mindset HAS paid off. Ok, I've not been published, but that's my fault for not working hard on that front. I do, however, have this Blog now, written lots of short stories and ideas, and completed and passed a university course on creative writing. I have fiancé, a six week old little boy and been through several promotions in work. It's not been all plain sailing and I have failed too, but the good has certainly outweighed the bad, and I have zero regrets.

The dreams are still alive, and still need to be poked and prodded every now and then, as does everything worth it in life.

In the space of three years everything has changed - I achieved more in that time than I did in the fifteen years before it. My life's ripples have widened across the world, and I'm happy about it.

So go make it happen.

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